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Dental  Jewelry

Piercings have been a popular form of body modification for centuries. From ear piercings to nose rings, piercings can be a way to express oneself and add a unique touch to one's appearance. However, it's important to do your research and choose a reputable piercer to ensure the process is done safely and hygienically. Here in Skin Vault Tattoo we have over 12 years in experience. We offer the following piercings services by walk-ins: 

-Ear Lobes




-Lip & Smiley



-Tongue, Dermals, Dental Jewelry (by appt.)

We have a beautiful variety of 14k gold and titanium jewelry to upgrade your piercing that can be used in the initial procedure.  

Helix Piercing
Daith Piercing
Upper Earlobe
Flat Piercing
Flat Piercing
Orbital Piercing
Orbital Piercing
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